The Best Hazelnut Global Market

The best hazelnuts global market has been fluctuating a lot, but despite the fact that the price of these products have changed remarkably, high quality hazelnuts have been more stable in world markets. hazelnuts were among the dried fruits products that faced a relative shortage in recent years, but the increase in exports, which was significantly. In this regard Hazelnuts currently have the best global market in terms of export among other producing countries due to good taste and top quality.

The Best Hazelnut Global Market

How Many Hazelnuts Can You Eat A Day?

How Many Hazelnuts Can You Eat A Day? Although hazelnut health benefits are worthy remarkable due to prevention of heart disease by increasing the beneficial fats in the blood, their daily consumption should be balanced. Hazelnuts are high in unsaturated fats which lowers cholesterol levels. healthy diet emphasizes the use of 30g of nuts per day to reduce the risk of heart disease. Various studies have suggested a link between hazelnuts consumption and better health. Eating nuts and adopting a healthy lifestyle along with diet and exercise can be beneficial for the body. Other studies emphasize that the number of times you eat nuts a day is more important than the amount and proved that eating nuts more often a day makes you healthier.

Is Hazelnut good for Weight Loss?

Is Hazelnut good for Weight Loss? Each slimming diet has its own set of rules and regulations. in order to regulate body weight, you should not reduce the vitamins your body needs by eliminating useful foods there are some healthy foods that you can easily substitute for high calories foods. Slimming with hazelnuts is one of the solutions that has been reported to be extremely useful. There are many nutrients in oily grains and nuts that are highly recommended in diets. The properties of hazelnuts are due to the presence of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and manganese. Fiber, unsaturated fats, antioxidants and starches are the healthy and beneficial contents of this unique grains.

Consumption of hazelnuts due to high amount of fibers, causes a person to feel full for a long time and is a way to prevent overeating and thus lose weight. Hazelnuts contain high amount of Thiamine, which increases the body’s metabolism and causes people to lose weight. The manganese in this nut is also useful for obese people who want to lose weight by improving digestive enzymes.

Ways That Hazelnuts Would Benefit Your Health

Ways That  Hazelnuts Would Benefit Your Health Hazelnuts contain large amounts of antioxidant which keep the body away from stress. Stress can damage cell structure, accelerate aging, cancer and heart diseases; the most abundant antioxidants in hazelnuts are known as phenolic compounds. Studies have shown that these compounds prevent inflammation and lower cholesterol in the body. They are also good for heart and protect against cancer.

Hazelnuts are rich in nutrients for the development and health of the human brain. Consumption of this nut has a lot to do with increasing the level of intelligence and therefore has long been used as a rich food for growing children. nutrients of this nut include Riboflavin and Alcarnitine, which are good for the brain this nut increase brain activity, plays a role in creating new nerve pathways, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Hazelnut benefits in pregnancy are under consideration. Pregnant women are usually advised to a variety of healthy food during pregnancy. Nuts are one of these foods full of vitamins and proteins that every pregnant woman should consume a certain amount of them daily during this period. In this regard, you should know that hazelnuts are one of the most useful foods for pregnant women. Among the properties of hazelnuts in pregnancy, it can be mentioned that hazelnuts help a lot in the growth and metabolism of the fetus. And it increase the mother’s energy and strength to go through this period better. hazelnuts contain high amounts of folate, which is very useful for pregnant women and prevents anemia and nerve defects in the fetus. The high amount of fiber in hazelnuts are useful for preventing and treating constipation during pregnancy. The high amount of nutrients in this dried fruit prevent weakness and hunger of women during breastfeeding. it is recommended that breastfeeding women add hazelnuts to their diet as snack.

One of the hazelnut benefits for skin is that it acts as a natural sunscreen for the skin and blocks the harmful rays of the sun. Because of this property, hazelnuts oil is used in many lotions and sunscreens. Hazelnuts contain a lot of vitamin E, which act as a natural moisturizer for the skin. The high level of vitamin E and and fatty acids in hazelnuts oil help increase hydration in the outer layer of the skin. Vitamin E also helps to improve the elasticity of the skin by keeping it hydrated and makes the skin look firm and supple. Hazelnuts contain magnesium, which plays an important role in maintaining the body’s calcium balance; Therefore, it helps in muscle contraction and also prevents excessive pressure on the muscles. This effect reduce muscle tension and prevents fatigue, spasms, cramps and muscle pain, studies also show that the right dose of magnesium can help strengthen muscles and improve our bone health.

Nuts are usually roasted to improve flavor, aroma and create a crisp texture. Roasting means exposing the material to heat. Most nuts are roasted without their shells, but hazelnuts are usually roasted with their shells. Sometimes roasting is a way to peel nuts. Roasted hazelnut benefits are the same as raw ones. Roasting does not change the structure, chemical composition of nuts, it reduces their moisture and increase brittleness of nuts. The amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates in raw and roasted nuts is very similar. Although the fat and calories of roasted nuts are slightly higher per gram, this difference is very small.

Best Hazelnut Prices

Best Hazelnut Prices The price of hazelnuts with skin depends on factors such as the quality of the product, the method of purchase, the amount of purchase and the type of packaging. Customers can find the best hazelnuts prices from the online hazelnuts sales agency. Beyond the shadow of a doubt customers can buy this product at reasonable price in the greater market than the supply in stores. The sale of fresh hazelnuts is at different prices due to market fluctuations.

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