Small Hazelnuts Producer

Small hazelnuts are one of the best and most nutritious nuts that have unique properties and can be used as a healthy snack. Hazelnut producers in our country, due to the high demand of the country and exports, have started to produce first-class hazelnuts in different cities in order to meet the needs of the country and exports, then, hazelnuts produced, clean and hygienic in stores are prepared for your loved ones in the form of packaged hazelnuts.

Small Hazelnuts Producer

Roasted Hazelnut Calories

Roasted Hazelnut Calories Hazelnuts contain various minerals and vitamins that are very effective in reducing false appetite and strengthening the immune system, it lowers blood sugar levels and is also effective in treating anemia every 100g of raw hazelnuts 628 calories, every 10 delicious hazelnuts that weigh about 14g have 88 calories, and one hazelnut has 10 kcal, which is very useful for human health.

Protein is obtained mainly from animal-based foods, hazelnuts can be a complete solution to this problem because hazelnuts contain 15g of protein per 100g. Hazelnuts are high in calories and eliminate energy deficiency well for people, so consuming just a few hazelnuts to a large extent provides energy to the body and the small size and easy storage of hazelnut kernels make them a great snack for people who do not have much time to eat. Due to the weight and energy of these nutritious and delicious nuts, they should not be used too much, because in this case, digestive problems may occur. Eliminate those high-calorie calories now and get a handful of hazelnuts to make your weight loss journey a joyous twist, 1 ounce of hazelnuts gives you 3 grams of dietary fiber, 17 grams of fat and 176 calories, you can use it as a snack before a meal because it fills your stomach and prevents overeating at meals, just make sure you do not go over the recommended limit.

Uses of Hazelnuts

Uses of Hazelnuts Uses of hazelnuts are plentiful and are used in sweets, chocolates, coffee, hot chocolate, flavored milk, which is very tasty, and in many desserts; hazelnut is used in all countries that love it. It is interesting to know that raw hazelnuts in shell, this delicious dried fruit, in addition to various food uses, is also used in the cosmetics industry.

The high percentage of hazelnut oil is a sign of its quality and based on the type of hazelnut and the amount of oil in it, they are selected for different uses, among uses this hazelnut, we can mention its great aroma, which is used in perfumery. Broken hazelnuts are in a variety of creams and shampoos, it may be interesting to know that one of its uses is for weight control the fat in it is not completely absorbed by the body and the amino acid in it helps the functioning of the digestive system and ultimately causes you to have a balanced weight. The use of hazelnuts as its application in nuts or for oil extraction as well as in powder or slices in the preparation of various confectionery products is very common.

Hazelnut Wholesale Price

Hazelnut Wholesale Price You can inquire about the price of hazelnuts 800g packaging through this store, all the samples of this product are placed on the dedicated site for selling hazelnut packing nuts, and next to them, there is an updated price list of this food and buyers can easily find out the wholesale prices of this brain and make their general orders. Quality and freshness are the most important factors that affect the price of packaged hazelnuts, and therefore the larger and better kernels will have a higher price. Also, the type of packaging and the warm weight of each package are factors that affect the price, the final product is effective, esteemed customers can buy this hazelnuts 45g kernel at a cheaper price than the market in bulk and directly through this center.

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