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the nutritional benefits that come from eating the delicious hazelnut kernels the healthy benefits and advantages that come from eating the delicious hazelnut kernel.

hazelnut kernel meal

whether it is this fruit that gave its name to the thousand-year-old municipality of Lower Irpinia, or, conversely, an area that abounds with Corylus Avellana products since ancient times to choose a scientific name, what remains undeniable is that there is a deep connection. which is a combination of avol and hazelnut. In fact, in this intersection lies the nature of the product and the identity of the archaeological city, in the center of which many families have a piece of land. Generation after generation, we all go to the villages at the end of the summer to harvest: days of sacrifice, work, and exchange. Hazelnut Avella: Mortarella and San Giovanni, the main varieties of the Bayan region. Extensive walnut groves spread between the hills of Avellán and the area or between the villages of the Clanio Valley, which also produce precious fruits: Baiano, Sperone, Cadrelle, Sirignano and Mugnano del Cardinale, and then Monteforte Irpino. Intensively cultivated lands that have such climatic conditions and geographical features that create specific biodiversity. In fact, the varieties of hazelnuts grown here are different. Common varieties are Mortarella and San Giovanni. The Mortarella hazelnut, which takes its name from the Latin word Mortarella, “mortar”, a vessel used to grind ingredients with hosta, is characterized by a light brown, slightly veined skin containing a medium-sized fruit. qualitative. On the other hand, the San Giovanni or Sanjivanara hazelnut also has the same characteristics, but has a more elongated and wider shape. Other cultivars such as Tonda Bianca, Tonda Rossa, Camponica and Unanilo are cultivated but not in large numbers. Important De.CO brand recognition for Avola hazelnuts As part of a special project to promote and protect fruits as valuable as they are, various actors in the region, most notably the Terrae Abellanae Supply Chain Association and the Hazel Scientific Commission of the Municipality of Avella De. CO. Launch and definition of the territorial trademark “Nocciola di Avella De. CO: a municipal trademark that will be assigned to companies that are part of the hazelnut production and processing cycle. hazelnut kernel meal

hazelnut kernel shell

An important recognition that not only establishes a connection with the territory, but rather it is very important to promote and promote typical local products. Because it’s not just about harvesting and selling: from cultivation to processing, there are several Avellan farms dedicated to producing high quality semi-finished products following a short supply chain model. At every stage of the process, the wonderful organoleptic properties of the Avella De. CO hazelnuts are preserved to preserve and guarantee the uniqueness of the excellent product: roasting imparts an inimitable aroma and a unique and unchanging taste. Processing and conversion processes produce delicious semi-finished products such as cereals, pasta and hazelnut flour, which are mainly used by confectionery companies, pastry shops and ice cream shops. Composed of 45% hazelnuts, dense cocoa toppings are well-deserved successes due to their healthy and authentic taste. The versatility of the fruit is also used in other agricultural sectors: the famous “Case Moscio Avellano alle Nocciole”, natural pecorino cheese made from raw milk, enriched with the sweet taste of hazelnuts, and “hazelnut and hazelnut pesto”. Truffles, ideal for flavoring first courses, are produced by local companies. The cost of a typical Irpinia product Growers, growers, companies and associations have clearly recognized the potential of the Avella De hazelnut. CO and, above all, have helped their individual realities come together on a path that can define and enhance a unified taste experience. Because what used to be a marginal product for family consumption is now becoming a value and driving a magnificent economy that pulls all the food, natural and cultural heritage of this beautiful land. Our rating this time is dedicated to a product that is twice as good: hazelnuts. Good for taste and health. We have selected roasted and peeled varieties, which are the most common and easiest to use. The tasting was attended by Irma Brizzi, a leading Italian expert in this field, who, together with Gigi and Clara Padovani, created the Encyclopedia of Hazelnuts. hazelnut kernel shell

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We usually refer to this bead in the singular, as if it were only one type. In fact, and fortunately, everything is very multifaceted. Hazelnuts: certificates and figures Italy, the only European country, has three certificates: Piedmont IGP Hazelnut, Gifforni IGP Hazelnut and Romana Dop. They are the tip of a wider and more varied panorama. Mortarella, the most common variety in Campania, especially in the province of Avellino, but also in Campania San Giovanni and Camponica, explains Irma Brizzi. In Sicily we have Mansa. There is also De. Co., the name of the municipality of Avella Hazelnut, also in the Avellian region. Slow Food communities were also born to fortify Toshia, Nebrodi and Chiavari hazelnuts, blended from the Tigolio Valleys, America (especially Oregon), Georgia, Chile, Iran, France and Spain. Use in cooking and baking Go straight to the candy store, chocolate shop, ice cream shop. In the kitchen, it serves as a fragrant and crunchy addition to sweet and savory dishes. Moderately involved in blends: thin, delicate aromatic profile, not suitable to be ridden in the same stroller with any traveling companions. I love the alliance with chocolate, as long as it is not too dark: 7075% is a decent percentage. Gianduia is perfect for a family wedding. Monica Meschini, co-founder and instructor of the International Chocolate and Cocoa Tasting Institute, elaborates: “For a meeting of solidarity, a delicate Venezuelan single variety is good if you want to compare it to Tanzanian or Vietnamese sour. ” too toasted, it is better to use milk or white chocolate, which balances the toasty. Roasting is a very important and delicate step. “If a hazelnut burns with too much pressure, it flattens the aromatic profile and leaves a bitter aftertaste,” warns Irma Brizzi, head of the competition jury. Other important issues are damage caused by Asian beetles, fruit-biting aphids and climate change. “Spring frosts and late ripening jeopardize the harvest, while summer drought destroys the flavor of the fruit,” explains Irma Brizzi. hazelnut kernel specification

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The nutritional value From a nutritional point of view, hazelnuts are an ally of health, especially if they are not roasted and peeled. Contains 40% fat, but good fats: oleic (monounsaturated) and linoleic (polyunsaturated) acids, which reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. It is rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent certain types of cancer and fights free radicals: therefore, it is an anti-aging product. In addition, hazelnuts are a source of minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium), fiber, protein, folic acid (vitamin B9), and phytosterols, substances that, according to some studies, prevent cardiovascular disease in addition to controlling LDL cholesterol. We have two classifications of roasted and shelled hazelnuts: “grown” hazelnuts, which is in a closed supply chain of rural realities with its own laboratory for shelling, roasting and derivatization (and a reality that chooses a local product, does) produced. available in the niche sector and products for sale on a large scale, with private labels or big packaging brands. On the following pages, the selection of the best in a blind test. We lined up and had a blind tasting of roasted and shelled hazelnuts available in niche markets and big box retailers. The tasting was attended by: Irma Brizzi, head of the Italian hazelnut tasting commission Julia Capses, confectionery consultant and hazelnut taster Maria Gabriela Ciofetta, professional oil taster Mara Nussila, journalist Gambro Rosso. The product of Loris Sorrito, Pastry Chef No. 1, was the best, the rest, in alphabetical order, were rated for excellent quality by Gambero Rosso tasters. Prices shown are average retail prices. Ratings of hazelnuts for sale in niche stores Toro Hazelnut Taurus – First Place Tunda by Gifoni Space gypsy circle. Angelica Toro Pharm, a small company founded in 2003, in the heart of the certified hazelnut production area, produces it in a closed cycle and (so far) outside the IGP. The supply chain begins with the fruits of the company’s hazelnut orchard, which have been processed in the in-house laboratory into various delicacies (flour, pasta, cream, pralines, crisps). Cosmos, because they are not only great for a beauty pageant, they are large and attractive. hazelnut kernel shell separator

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