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Peanut is a very popular nut among the people and is a good case to export. Peanut red trade can be successful. Peanut red is one of the cheapest nuts and people can buy it easier than the others. Peanut is planted in many areas of Iran and we can produce plenty of this product. Of course peanut red is more scarce but has a good taste and people mostly are interested in it. So it has a good market in Iran and all over the world. So peanut red trade is a good choice for those who want to invest in a product and achieve a good benefit.

peanut red trade

calories in 10 peanuts

calories in 10 peanuts

Peanuts have a lot of calories and if you use them enough it is ok and can help you lose weight, but if you use them very much it makes you fat. Actually those who use peanuts twice a week lose weight more than the other do not use at all. Peanuts calories actually provide the needful material of your body and daily using of them can be useful. They have late digestion and stay in your stomach for a longer time and you would feel fullness and do not need to eat something.

People usually eat peanuts in different ways: raw, decrepitated, oil, butter. Different kinds of peanuts have different amount of calories; 10 raw peanuts have 56 calories. The boiled peanuts have less calories than two others above. 10 boiled peanuts have 47 calories. So this kind do not have the power of full making. A chopstick of peanuts butter has 95 calories and a chopstick of peanuts oil has 124 calories.

side effects of peanuts

side effects of peanuts

Peanuts are really useful and nutritious materials but you need to use them in balanced. If you use them inordinate they can make you facing with some side effects and peanut can be harmful for your health. You need to be serious and careful about this because some of the side effects are too much. Using peanut are not good for those who are allergic to it. Peanuts are allergen for some bodies and can make some reactions like gullet irritation and after that asthma and sometimes leads to death. Some lesser reactions contain itch, urticaria or stomachache.

Peanut contain a material called Lectin which is not good for our health, it will lead to increasing rheumatism and also has a bad effect on losing weight. Peanut is a good source of Omega but does not contain omega 3 and your body needs these two together. Lack of omega 3 is your body causes inflammation, heart disease and some other diseases. Peanuts also for sake of being polluted with pesticides or having saturation fat, can have a lot of side effects. So you certainly need to use peanuts enough and do not eat inordinate.

The antioxidants in peanuts, phytic acid is the most important. Phytic acid is present in edible grains such as nuts and legumes and its amount in peanuts varies between 2.5-0.2. Phytic acid interferes with the absorption of iron and zinc from the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, high consumption of peanuts in the long run may cause a deficiency of these nutrients in the body.

peanuts wholesale price

peanuts wholesale price

Peanuts have a lot of usages among the people, it is used for different purposes: in factories for taking oil, making butter or some other products, for eating as a good middle meal. So it is mostly bought in wholesales. Peanuts 1 kg price is partly different in wholesale, actually is cheaper. So if you buy peanuts in bulk it would be so much different. It is more economic to buy peanuts in wholesale and of course you can get best quality peanuts there with lower price. Organic raw peanuts in shell get found mostly in wholesales and they are cheaper and healthier.

Peanuts wholesales are available in online shops easily and also doing online shopping reduces a lot of your expenses. You can purchase your needful product straight and without a middleman. It also leads to a cheaper price.

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