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Our site is one of the top suppliers of peanut 5 kg, the net weight of this product is 5000 grams and the weight with packaging is 5100 grams. The storage method of this product is that it should be stored in a dry and cool place. This product is suitable for household consumption and its shelf life is about 6 months. Supply of this 5 kg product, in the highest category and quality, is possible through our site, and you, dear buyers, can easily order.

Peanut 5 kg Supplier

Health Benefits of Roasted Peanuts

Health Benefits of Roasted Peanuts According to some scientific studies, roasted peanuts contain eight essential nutrients for the human body, such as vitamin E, manganese, phosphorus, copper, potassium, folate and resveratrol. In addition, peanuts are a great source of fiber and fatty acids, making them a healthy and unique snack for the heart.

  1. Good for the heart: Among the amazing health benefits of potassium and manganese are helping to control excess sodium, which can lead to many cardiovascular problems. However, it is strongly recommended to use salted roasted peanuts only instead of salted peanuts as their salt type has more sodium.
  2. Prevents Diabetes: For those who have been diagnosed with a certain type of diabetes, this condition must be completely depressing because they must have a strict diet. In fact, eating peanuts is safe even for diabetics, as long as they can control the right amount of peanuts.
  3. Prevents gallstones: Gallstones are caused by excess cholesterol in the body, and some scientific studies show that patients regularly eat peanuts to help control their cholesterol levels. The result was a reduction in the risk of gallstones, although more scientific studies are needed to confirm this claim.
  4. Prevents cancer: Do you know how to prevent cancer? In fact, a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent cancer. Eating foods rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals can help prevent natural cancer, and peanuts are among the natural ingredients recommended.

These are four of the most well-known and obvious properties of peanuts for the body, but these properties are not limited to these four, but peanuts are very good for the body.

Peanuts prevent Heart Disease

Peanuts prevent Heart Disease Research has shown that peanuts prevent heart disease due to their special type of protein. The results of scientist’s experiments show that this protein helps improve heart function and prevents heart disorders and diseases. Many people think that peanuts are good for children only because of their fatty acids, while their special benefits for adults have also been confirmed. The researchers divided the number of people into four groups and gave each group a specific diet plan for six months. In all groups, the diet included relatively similar amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. In three of the four groups, peanut oil-peanut flour and skinless peanut were in the diet of the volunteers, respectively. Six months later, the bad cholesterol was significantly reduced in the three groups that consumed the peanut compounds, and the good cholesterol remained almost constant. The findings also show that eating peanuts has reduced the risk of developing the disease by up to 25 percent among people with diabetes who are more prone to heart disease.

Peanuts Wholesale

Peanuts Wholesale Organic dry roasted peanuts in world markets and the major sales and exports of this product, so that it has surpassed salted peanuts. But in general, all peanut products in the world have relatively high sales because this product has a high nutritional value and its buyers are increasing day by day. Dear buyer, you can order the best salted peanuts and other types of peanuts in different flavors in bulk on our site. To do this, just contact the phones listed on the site and get the necessary information from our support team. We suggest you buy this product in bulk, which can help you save extra costs.

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