Peanut 1kg Export

Peanut exports have a special place in world trade. This is achieved through the comprehensive efforts of peanut producers and exporters. Also, peanut export is one of the most prosperous sectors of the Iranian dried fruit market and our country is one of the strong exporters of this product. Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine are among the countries that buy peanuts. This product is sold in different packages of peanut 1kg, 800 g, 500 g and etc.

peanut 1kg export

peanuts for weight loss

peanuts for weight loss About 22g of best peanuts contain 6g of protein which is useful for weight loss. For example, one study found that a low-carbohydrate diet with high protein also increased metabolism. Eating peanuts as a snack can help you feel full, so you will be less likely to go for a variety of foods and snacks. But now the question that arises for all of us is: how to lose weight by eating peanuts?!

Peanuts red skin have a lot of calories, but the interesting thing is that the slow absorption of these calories gives you a feeling of satiety and that’s why this delicious product is used for a slimming diet. Eating a few peanuts for breakfast with some fruit will be a complete meal for you. Also because peanuts have a lot of fiber and due to make digestive function easier. In fact, eating it warms the mood and prevents constipation which is one of the causes of obesity. But it should be noted that excessive consumption of peanuts has the opposite effect by increasing calories. So we must be careful about the amount of nutrients used to lose weight.

You always feel full by putting peanuts in your food basket. Daily consumption of a few peanuts helps to control false appetite. By consuming nutrientsthe necessary nutrients, you will feel full and avoid eating unhealthy snacks. Peanuts are high in fiber which helps digest the digestive tract. In addition to absorbing excess fat, the fiber in peanuts is also effective in treating constipation.

importance of peanuts

importance of peanuts On average, there are 576 calories per 100 grams of peanuts, 49 grams of fat, 495 grams of potassium, 16 grams of carbohydrates and 26 grams of protein. Most people get the energy they need for their daily activities by eating peanuts. But there are also problems for peanut consumers that prevent them from consuming it. Peanuts are very allergenic and smelling them can cause discomfort and even more severe problems. Peanuts are important because of the increased levels of vitamin E in the diet and blood flow. This vitamin is an antioxidant that protects cells from damage and prevents clogging of arteries caused by high cholesterol. Contrary to popular belief, peanuts and nuts do not cause obesity and disease if consumed in moderation. Oily nuts such as peanuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and etc. Although they contain fat, at the same time inhibit the feeling of satiety for a long time and prevent the absorption of high fats. Peanuts contain vitamin C, which helps produce collagen and maintains hair texture. In addition, they contain I-arginine, which is used to treat male pattern baldness, while omega-3 fatty acids promote hair follicles and hair growth. For this reason, it is recommended to eat a few peanuts a day between meals.

peanuts supplier

peanuts supplier There are various companies in our country that distribute Iranian and foreign peanuts. These companies distribute the product in various qualities and forms. Companies supply this product both in bulk and in packages. The type of packaging of this product is high in terms of health, but the bulk type is more economical. Producers deliver organic peanuts in shell directly to customers without the intervention of intermediaries. This makes the product less profitable and the final price cheaper and more economical for the consumer.

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