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Peanut is one of the products whose annual consumption is very high in the country and on other hand, this product is seen in the form of different species in the country, the most widely used type of which is peanut 500g, direct ordering is done from this center and in this type of order, the product can be ordered directly from the manufacturer so that it can be sent as soon as possible.

order peanut 500g

peanut benefits for skin

peanut benefits for skin The skin needs various vitamins and minerals for freshness, many of which are present in this delicious kernel, and this is one of the benefits of peanuts for the skin, the properties of peanuts for hair, and their effects on skin beauty are amazing. The vitamins in peanuts relieve all skin inflammations and niacin and vitamin E play an important role in cleansing and softening the skin, these two beneficial substances are found in abundance in peanuts and are one of the main properties of peanuts for the skin. Peanuts contain beneficial antioxidants that will effectively eliminate toxins and free radicals in your body. If you want to clean your skin impurities, you can eat peanuts.

Aging subconsciously show on the face and the first sign of it is wrinkles on the skin. It is better to think about your skin from now on and start taking care of the skin with the necessary vitamins, for rejuvenation and freshness, you should know that the skin needs the vitamins found in peanuts for freshness, enjoy the properties of peanuts for the skin that the use of natural and healthy foods shows your importance to skin health, peanuts are not only suitable for the elderly but also properties of peanuts can be used for children.

Human skin, in addition to being beautiful, helps to fight all kinds of viruses and infections; But the skin is highly vulnerable to free radicals, which are mainly the result of exposure to sunlight and pollution. Also you can use peanuts to treat sunburn. Soak 5 to 6 peanuts in water for 5 minutes and after a few hours, mash them to a paste. Before going to bed, apply peanut paste on the affected areas of the skin and then wash your skin with cold water in the morning. Do this for the first 15 days of each day and then repeat twice a week.

various types of peanuts

various types of peanuts Types of peanuts include:

  • peanuts roasted unsalted
  • Raw and fresh peanuts
  • Salted peanuts

Peanut is one of the edible nuts that can be eaten raw and roasted and has a lot of nutritional value, roasted peanuts are rich in many nutrients such as vitamins and minerals needed by the body. This product can be consumed raw or processed and both types of high quality peanuts are the largest peanuts among other products, this peanut is suitable for use in nuts and is perfectly masculine because its quality is excellent. There are several ways to roast this type of peanut, the best of which is the method of roasting without oil and roasting them in special machines that consist of a large strainer and a heat source. Put these peanuts with some salt in these devices and then heat them and stir them constantly so that the heat penetrates everywhere, in addition to this type of peanuts, when heated on these devices, the possible contamination on the peanuts are completely eliminated.

peanuts distributor

peanuts distributor Distributor of organic peanuts bulk has been able to attract customer’s satisfaction and trust by supplying and distributing first-class and health products, this product is sold in packages or in bulk so that customers can buy and use the best type of product according to their needs. If you are going to buy this product in bulk, it is better or refers directly to the manufacturers so that you can make economic purchases by eliminating intermediaries and brokers. Peanuts are sold by our official website, and selling this product online has made shopping easier, and customers and buyers can buy and use the products they need with the least amount of time and money.

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