Lindt hazelnut dark chocolate spread

We enjoy a nutty, chocolate topping, whether it’s smeared on toast or dolloped over pancakes. There’s something about the moreish sweetness, nutty flavor, or silky, thick texture that always wins us over. We tested lindit chocolate hazelnuts in a variety of settings, from high street to high end, to determine which had the finest flavor; the winner may surprise you.

We appreciated the scent of delicious, toasted hazelnuts blended with dark chocolate, which was thick, shiny, and spreadable. The praline-like flavor, which is made up of almonds and creamy milky overtones, was particularly appealing to testers. This spread was light and silky, and it dissolved in the tongue.

The aroma of wonderful, roasted hazelnuts coupled with thick, lustrous, and spreadable dark chocolate was a hit with us. The almond-and-creamy-milky undertones of the praline-like flavor were very pleasing to testers. This spread was light and silky, dissolving quickly on the tongue.

Lindt hazelnut dark chocolate spread

Lindt hazelnut chocolate

Few spreadable items can inspire emotion quite like Nutella, whether it’s childhood joy or haunting post-breakup recollections to sobbing between spoonfuls. However, the Ferrero-owned chocolate and hazelnut spread’s grocery aisle dominance has recently been challenged. They claim to be healthier, nuttier, lower in palm oil, or simply less expensive.

The most recent and noticeable of them is Swiss chocolatier Lindt’s hazelnut spread, which will be sold at Coles supermarkets beginning in March 2020 and at all shops beginning in May 2020. When Lindt debuted a similar spread in the UK in 2018, it swiftly sold out in shops — prompting resales on Amazon for more than double the suggested price.

Is any of them, however, truly superior to Nutella? We got our hands on a sample of the new Lindt spread and compared it to Nutella and three other main competitors for Guardian Australia. We asked five tasters to score the spreads on overall taste, general appearance, how nice they tasted on bread (a plain, untoasted brioche bun), and how delightful they were to eat with a spoon in a blind test.

Lindt hazelnut chocolateLindt hazelnut

Discover our delectable range of LINDOR Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Truffles… Lindt Master Chocolatiers have been creating the best chocolates since 1845, combining their skills with the greatest quality ingredients from throughout the world. Inside this burnished bronze box, you’ll find luxuriously smooth and delicate toasted hazelnut and Swiss chocolate shells concealing deliciously creamy, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate centers – ideal for spoiling yourself or your loved ones. Lindt brings you happiness.

Also, you can choose each flavor and taste of sweets, the quality of this spread depends on the good hazelnut and the fresh ones. To have this professional conclusion you should choose the unique hazelnuts and nuts. One of the things that makes this product different is the quality of the nuts.

Lindt hazelnut spread

Our evaluation forms were returned covered with chocolate, with the words “THERE IS NO BAD HAZELNUT SPREAD” written at the bottom of one of them. Then we tallied the findings to provide a score of 100 for each spread. Taste, of course, isn’t the only factor to consider.

Two out of five testers gave the Lindt Hazelnut Spread a perfect score, while all gave it an excellent rating. The majority of people said it tasted the most “expensive” (true). “Smooth, not overly sweet,” they said, adding that it was “denser, drier, and nuttier” with a “really nice” spoonful.

Lindt hazelnut spread

Lindt dark chocolate hazelnut

The Lindt spread is runnier than the rest. Its rich, roasted hazelnut aroma was a hit with testers. The silky smoothness is enhanced with flecks of extremely fine powdered hazelnuts. More dark chocolate was needed to balance out the earthy hazelnut flavor. In the mouth, it was a touch cloying, but it distributed wonderfully.

Lindt Les Grandes Dark Swiss chocolate bar with roasted whole hazelnuts and crispy caramelized hazelnut bits only the finest ingredients are used, including 34% hazelnuts and high-quality cocoa beans. Perfect for everyday enjoyment, whether you’re treating yourself or sharing a special occasion with friends and family.

This chocolate bar is ideal for nut and chocolate lovers seeking a pure moment of enjoyment due to the balance of flavors. Since 1845, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have been creating the greatest LINDT chocolate treats, driven by their passion, devotion, and inventive spirit. This delicious Lindt Les Grandes hazelnut dark chocolate bar is made with Swiss dark chocolate and 34% hazelnuts.

The right combination of roasted and caramelized hazelnut bits, The right combination of roasted hazelnuts and caramelized hazelnut bits, as well as responsibly produced cocoa beans, results in a deliciously crispy, decadent delicacy that can be savored alone or shared with friends. Since 1845, Lindt Master Chocolatiers have been mastering the art of chocolate to ensure you enjoy the best experience possible.

Lindt dark chocolate hazelnut

Lindt hazelnut bunny

Lindt bunny hazelnut chocolate gift – crafted with the finest Lindt Milk chocolate, elegantly adorned in gold, with a ribbon and a ringing gold bell. This is a perfect chocolate gift to make others happy. We can give it as a present to kids because it looks like a gold bunny with a beautiful bell, and makes them smile.

Whether you like smooth Swiss milk chocolate, sweet white chocolate, rich dark chocolate, or a dusting of toasted hazelnuts for that all-important crunch, our Master Chocolatiers have produced a collection of tempting chocolate bunnies to suit all tastes.

Lindt hazelnut truffles

Lindt hazelnut truffles

As previously stated, lindt includes additional sweets and food products that we may serve at parties and celebrations, such as colorful truffles with hazelnut kernels, which taste like hazelnut beneath our tongues when we bite them. The flavor of the test is enhanced by the use of fresh hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts are a prominent and popular product nowadays because they are used to make essential oils, chocolate, and butter. This high-end nut is extremely pricey and has a large global market. Iranian hazelnuts are one of the few hazelnuts with a thriving global market.

Hazelnuts are commonly utilized in products such as high-quality hazelnut creams, truffles, dark chocolates, and hazelnut milk chocolates.

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