Hazelnut 1 kg Price

Buy our hazelnut 1 kg at best price. Our company, with lots of experience in exporting nuts, distributes and supplies hazelnuts in different packages. Among them, our 1 kg hazelnut package is more demanded and more economical than others. As we are very concerned with customer satisfaction، you can feel free while buying this package. Actually our main aim is to help our dear buyers keep an excellent buying experience in their mind.

hazelnut 1 kg price

how many calories in 10 hazelnuts?

how many calories in 10 hazelnuts? Hazelnuts, with an excellent nutritional profile, are rich in plenty of calories. A serving of hazelnuts is one ounce, or about 21 hazelnuts. There are 176 calories in one ounce, 28.35g. A small calculation will prove that 10 hazelnuts,13.5g, contain approximately 84 calories. On the other hand, take note that Hazelnut has 12% more calories than almond – almond has approximately 584 calories per 100 grams and hazelnut has 646 calories. We can say that 10 hazelnuts, 13.5 g, has 84 calories and in 13.5 g of almond, there are 74 calories.

something that you should know about hazelnuts

something that you should know about hazelnuts Hazelnut is a pleasant nutritious fruit. Hazelnut has a small evergreen tree that is originated in southern Europe and Turkey, But nowadays many countries such as USA cultivate this tree. Hazelnut has the shape of an ellipse or circle. With an outer shell, It is about 15-25 mm long and has 10_15 mm diameter.

The effects of hazelnuts on our body are:

  • Your body needs necessary levels of cholesterol, Healthy fatty acids, unsaturated ones, are good compounds in hazelnuts. Hence, eating this great food can reduce your harmful cholesterol levels.
  • Phenolic contained in hazelnut reduces the blood fat level.
  • This amazing nut is loaded with E vitamin and B vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B6, and B7. For example, vitamin B7 is crucial for metabolism regulation and function of the nervous system. E Vitamin has antioxidant properties and contributes a lot to the immune system function.
  • Rich in healthy fatty acids, hazelnuts may cause less gain weight. So eating hazelnuts regularly can be a great help for obesity sufferers.
  • Hazelnuts are loaded with dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin E and Omega-3 fats. All these compounds reduce signs of inflammation. Therefore, hazelnuts can be an anti-inflammatory.
  • Eating hazelnuts may reduce heart attacks or stroke. Because they are high in unsaturated fats and protein that help your heart stay healthy.
  • Hazelnuts are known for a brain food. Because continuous consumption of this kind of nut can provide your daily needs for thiamine, selenium, vitamin E and K. In this way, your key brain functions such as cognition, healing, learning, and memory will be improved.
  • Reduce blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity.
  • Hazelnuts may help to improve bowel movements and avoid constipation.
  • Hazelnut oil is used a lot in cooking, medicine, It is helpful for curing skin sores and irritations and aromatherapy.

hazelnuts market

hazelnuts market Iran is one of the greatest hazelnut producers in the world and Iranian hazelnut is of top quality and supplied in a variety of types: hazelnuts in shell, brown hazelnut with skin and white hazelnuts without skin. Also in Iranian market, this product is found in different packages: hazelnuts 100g, hazelnuts 200g,and etc.

Benefiting from favorable weather conditions for hazelnut production, Turkey is ranked first in exploring and supplying hazelnuts to the worldwide and can produce 70% of the global hazelnuts. There are some other countries in the world including USA, Italy, Spain, etc. that have their own shares in producing hazelnuts but they lag behind in terms of quantity compared to Iran and Turkey. Our company, with lots of experience in exporting and importing nuts, distributes and supplies hazelnuts. Dear buyers can buy hazelnuts at a reasonable price and great quality by our commercial site or sales centers that we suggest to them. To get more details about these centers, you can consult our sales consultants.

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