Exporters Of Raw Hazelnuts In Shell

Exports of raw hazelnuts in shell from Iran to other parts of the world are increasing day by day. Neighboring countries of Iran and the Persian Gulf and some other Asian and European countries are among the customers of Iranian hazelnuts. In addition to raw hazelnuts with skin, various types of dried fruits are also exported to other countries. Raw hazelnut exporters in the shell operate online and in person, and of course exporters who have expanded their online services are more successful. That is why it has many fans in international markets. Therefore, exports to neighboring countries by sea and land and exports to European countries are intermediate and indirect. Exports are both in bulk and packaged in different weights and shapes; Its export price is also higher and differs based on the exchange rate and export cost.

Exporters Of Raw Hazelnuts In Shell

Raw Shelled Hazelnuts Properties

Raw Shelled Hazelnuts Properties The properties of raw shelled hazelnuts are very high for the body and we will explain their properties in the following:

  1. Hazelnuts are good for the heart: Raw hazelnut kernels are a good source of unsaturated and cholesterol-free fats. Unsaturated fats, especially oleic acid, can lower the level of harmful cholesterol in the body and increase the level of good cholesterol. Consuming just one cup of hazelnuts provides 50% of the magnesium level needed by the body. Magnesium in the body prevents excessive pressure on the heart.
  2. Cancer prevention: We are all familiar with cancer and are always looking to prevent it. One of the easiest ways to prevent cancer is to eat hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are a rich source of vitamin E, and research shows that it can prevent bladder cancer by more than 50%. Manganese is also one of the substances in hazelnuts, which is known as an ingredient in antioxidant enzymes in mitochondria and can play an important role in preventing cancer.
  3. Hazelnuts are good for joint and bone health: Calcium, along with magnesium, are two essential substances for healthy bones and joints that can prevent osteoporosis and help repair damaged bones. Another useful substance for bone growth and strength is manganese. As a rich source of calcium, magnesium and manganese. Hazelnuts contribute to bone health and are a great snack for people with osteoporosis.
  4. Improving the health of the nervous system: One of the beneficial properties of hazelnuts for the body is improving the health of the nervous system. Vitamin B6 in hazelnuts has an important role in regulating the health of the nervous system, and by using hazelnuts, you can benefit from this vitamin contained in it. If you care about the health of your nervous system, do not forget to buy nuts, especially hazelnuts.

Consumption of hazelnuts is recommended for people with constipation. Hazelnuts contain fiber, a mineral that can help people with constipation. This substance prevents the hard stools in the intestines from moving, causing the stools to move easily in the intestines. By adding some hazelnuts to your daily diet, you can ensure that you do not get constipated. This hazelnut is also useful during women’s pregnancy and men’s bodybuilding. It is recommended to use this nutrient to improve the body’s function during this period. Note that the properties of raw shelled hazelnuts are not limited to these.

Shelled Hazelnuts Harveste

The hazelnut tree blooms and pollinates in mid-winter. After pollination, the flowers fall asleep until June, mid-spring, when the hazelnuts begin to form. During the summer, the hazelnut is ripe and changes color from green to hazelnut and are usually harvested in early autumn.

After harvesting the skinned hazelnut, this product is provided to the customers by the distributors, but in order to prepare a fresh and quality hazelnut, we must pay attention to a few points. To choose raw hazelnuts, pay attention to their fat, crispness, completeness and weight. To be able to take advantage of the antioxidants in hazelnuts, it is better to buy it with the skin. When inspecting skinned hazelnuts for purchase, beware of fractures and cavities on the skin.

Fresh shelled hazelnuts lose their properties very quickly. So the type of maintenance must be correct. Of course, it is better to eat fresh hazelnuts at the first opportunity. But if you have to keep hazelnuts, keep them at room temperature and away from heat and humidity. If the hazelnut is peeled, it can be refrigerated for up to four months. But shelled hazelnuts have a shorter life and the maximum time they stay in the refrigerator is one month.

Easiest way to Identify New Shelled Hazelnuts

Easiest way to Identify New Shelled Hazelnuts The best and easiest way to determine the quality of hazelnuts is through the taste and smell of hazelnuts. In general, if you want to determine the quality of hazelnuts, it is better to pay attention to the tree. Hazelnut tree has good quality in cold weather. Another simple way to tell if a hazelnut is fresh is to avoid eating it if you see holes in the hazelnut, as it is a sign of pest infestation and inside the holes, insect larvae are worm-sized. Another traditional way to diagnose stale hazelnuts is that when buying shelled hazelnuts, be sure to split the product in two and test the kernel, because even if we assume it is a new product, some old hazelnuts are in between.

Peeled hazelnuts sold in malls, new or old, are not easily recognizable. So it is better to buy these products from reputable centers because by buying from reputable centers, you can ensure that the products are fresh. Old hazelnuts are a good place for fungal, microbial and bacterial infections. The main point is that you can easily get a quality Iranian product, fresh, organic, without additives, gloss and artificial colors from reputable sources.

Raw Shelled Hazelnuts Storage

Raw shelled hazelnuts should be stored in a very cool place or in the refrigerator. When fresh hazelnuts are harvested from hazelnut orchards and marketed, some of the produce is transported to cold storage. Refrigerators can store products raw for up to two years by adjusting the temperature and in special conditions. Some people at home also tend to eat fresh hazelnuts throughout the year. Using the properties of hazelnuts is very important for anemia and weight loss.

The best way to store hazelnuts: Pour a suitable amount of raw hazelnuts with or without skin without roasting, in a suitable container and place in the refrigerator. Fresh nuts are refrigerated dry for about six months in a dry, air-free, moisture-free manner. Fresh nuts can be stored in the freezer for about a year. By following all the basic instructions, raw and fresh hazelnuts can be stored at room temperature for about three months. Find a suitable place for hazelnuts at home.

As mentioned, nuts and nut products are sensitive to moisture and temperature. So the first point about the method of keeping fresh hazelnuts is to place them at a suitable height above the ground and away from water and the environment. It is better to choose a place where fragrant spices, garlic and onions, dried vegetables or similar substances that have a lot of aroma are not next to hazelnuts. The comedy, which contains aromatic substances, is not a good place to store hazelnuts.

Excessive light and direct sunlight are also not suitable for hazelnuts; Fresh hazelnuts soon lose their unique properties and freshness. It should be noted that high heat also makes hazelnuts susceptible to insect growth and development. Dried products should not be placed next to heating appliances for a long time. The best solution is to choose a dark, cool, dry place away from moisture as a good storage.

Raw shelled Hazelnuts Market

Raw shelled Hazelnuts Market Iran is one of the largest raw hazelnuts market in the world and annually produces significant quantities of this product and distributes it in domestic and foreign markets. It should be noted that this product is also imported from Turkey at certain intervals. Raw hazelnuts with skin are significantly more popular in the shopping market than other similar products. In the market of this product, customers are mostly looking to buy a quality and original product. Nowadays, all kinds of raw hazelnuts in terms of type of packaging, brand, weight and size, quality, etc. are offered to customers and buyers at a very reasonable price in the market.

Raw hazelnut skin markets have expanded online over the last decade. From Android and IOS applications to various sites, all of which have been successful in buying and selling this product, but the market for this product is both online and offline. Raw hazelnut skin markets have expanded online over the past decade. Absentee markets are also called traditional markets, which we still see in some countries. One of the drawbacks of this type of market is that it is not available everywhere and at all times. If buying and selling online, it is possible at any time and any place.

The price of hazelnuts with skin is not fixed in the country and items such as export and import volume, supply and demand, annual production, production area, etc. directly affect the price of hazelnuts with skin. Inflation rate is one of the most important factors influencing the price of hazelnuts with skin. Rising inflation will increase production costs, labor costs, transportation costs, etc., which will eventually lead to higher prices for hazelnuts in the market.

Raw Shelled Hazelnuts Companies

In different countries of the world, many manufacturers using their own capacities and using modern technologies, have increased their quality products and exported them to the country. Today, Iran is one of these countries and has become the largest exporter of these products in the region and the Middle East. The top brands exporting raw shelled hazelnuts all over the country are those that by increasing the quality of their products while keeping the price constant, have been able to gain the trust and satisfaction of their customers and buyers and be known as a strong brand in the market.

People who want to buy different brands of hazelnuts in the country can get it from hazelnut production companies in Iran. There are several companies that produce raw hazelnuts with skin and make this type of nuts available to their customers in bulk and in part. Buyers can get the list of companies that distribute it in the country through Internet sites and then decide which store or company to go to buy. They can buy the best hazelnuts by visiting these centers.

Shelled hazelnuts industry is very advanced and we see many companies around the world working in this field. These companies receive their products from raw hazelnuts suppliers and market them in different packages and brands, and each of them has different prices depending on the quality of the product. Premium raw hazelnuts play a major role in these companies and the goal of the employees of these companies is to provide excellent product quality. Regarding these companies, we must say that they also have a lot of connections with the raw hazelnut importers.

Raw shelled Hazelnuts Prices

Raw shelled Hazelnuts Prices Raw hazelnuts prices is lower than dried samples, this price difference is partly due to the lower weight of dried hazelnuts and the amount of water that hazelnuts lose during the drying process. Intermediaries are one of the main reasons for the change in the price of raw shelled hazelnuts in the market. These people buy hazelnuts from the main producer and after adding additional costs, deliver the same product to the final buyer. This will eventually increase the price of fresh hazelnuts with skin.

Given that hazelnuts are exported in some time periods and imported into the country at certain times, it can be said that currency fluctuations have a significant impact on the price of fresh hazelnuts with skin and the increase in the price of the dollar causes the price of fresh hazelnuts to rise. Be skinned in domestic markets. Due to the fact that several factors affect the price of fresh hazelnuts with skin, the price of this product can not be accurately stated. To find out the price of raw hazelnuts, visit our site and contact the support team and inquire about the price of raw hazelnuts with skin.

In general, items such as hazelnut size, color, taste, quality, oil content, purchase volume, etc. are considered as the main and influential criteria on the price of raw shelled hazelnuts. Also the weight of hazelnuts can have a significant effect on the price of raw hazelnuts, and the heavier the hazelnuts, the fuller they are and the higher the price. Supply and demand are other very important variables that will change the price of raw hazelnuts with in the market. If the annual supply or production is less than the market needs, the price of raw hazelnuts will increase instantly. Packaging is another factor influencing the price of raw hazelnuts. This product is sold in bulk or in various plastic packaging, envelopes, etc. The cost and type of packaging will directly affect the price of raw hazelnuts.

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