Dry Hazelnuts Sale

Dry hazelnuts is one of the most widely consumed nuts in the country. In addition to its consumption by households and other uses, cake and chocolate companies buy large quantities of hazelnuts for use in their products in bulk. Producers and packing factories of nuts in the country are often looking for bulk purchase of fresh dried hazelnuts, so that they can send products of the desired quality to the country’s market.

dry hazelnuts sale

hazelnut health benefits

hazelnut health benefits Raw hazelnuts is a very nutritious fruit that has different examples, such as hazelnuts with skin, the weather conditions in some cities of Iran are such that they have the necessary ability to cultivate this product, Consumption of this product has a great impact on people’s health and this has caused the order of hazelnuts to increase greatly. One of the main and most effective effects of this product on health is strengthening the heart. Vitamin E in this product will improve blood flow in the body, which reduces the risk of heart attacks and on the other hand, lowering. Blood pressure helps a lot, which is why many doctors recommend consuming this type of product. Consumption of this valuable and tonic product will increase the secretion of serotonin, which is an important role in heart health, and people with a family history of heart disease, it is better to include different types of hazelnuts in their food basket.

8 health benefits of hazelnuts

8 health benefits of hazelnuts Due to the special therapeutic properties that we know from many products, even doctors themselves recommend that it is better to always use a series of natural products in people’s nutrition instead of using chemical formulas, and especially hazelnuts have these special conditions. It means that in the role of daily snacks and by eating at least 5 to 10 of them, you can prevent cancer. Raw hazelnut kernels is an important anti-cancer food due to its large number of antioxidants. Vitamin E is the most important cancer prevention supplement. Studies demonstrate the ability of vitamin E to reduce the risk of prostate, breast, colon and lung cancers. Preventing the growth of genetic mutations and tumors is another property of this vitamin

Having enough vitamin E as well as magnesium are useful elements that create these favorable conditions for you as a regular consumer, and therefore in the long run or long term you see the body of people to some extent. ‌Improved immunity to almost any blood type, including the risk of any cancer.

Another beneficial enzyme in hazelnuts is known as oleic acid. This factor prevents insulin sensitivities in the body. It regulates blood sugar levels. This process ultimately helps increase the risk of diabetes and prevent its spread. Other properties of hazelnuts due to the combination of potassium and magnesium is the regulation of blood pressure in consumers.

Among the benefits of hazelnuts for diabetes, it is important to focus on choosing unsaturated fats over trans fats or saturated fats, and is a great source of these good fats. Eating the recommended amounts of hazelnuts as a substitute for foods with bad and harmful fats is a good way to ensure that you get good fat properties without worrying about gaining weight.

hazelnut price

hazelnut price The bulk sale of shelled hazelnuts is done by factories and their agencies in sales centers and online. Customers can go to sales centers to buy this product cheaply and with quality, and buy the best hazelnuts in the country or imported hazelnuts with the desired quality. The supply in these centers is done directly and without intermediaries. Therefore, the price of fresh hazelnuts in these centers is much cheaper than in city-level stores and retailers.

Hazelnut with skin can also be purchased directly from reputable online stores. These online offerings, which have been launched by factories and their agencies, also offer hazelnuts to their customers with the best quality and in packages or in bulk in bulk and at a cheap price.

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