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Due to people’s interest in consuming hazelnuts because of its pleasant taste, this product has high sales, mostly on Nowruz and other national and religious holidays. big hazelnut, and cashews and forming the very popular quadruple nuts. Since it has long been common to buy, sell and export all kinds of Iranian foodstuffs to neighboring countries, we also take this step and, if necessary, send first-class nuts to our customers at very affordable prices. These types of nuts are mostly grown and produced in mountainous regions.

big hazelnut shop

how many calories in 5 hazelnuts?

how many calories in 5 hazelnuts? Hazelnut is a high calorie food. The calorie of hazelnut is 628 calories per 100g and 88 calories per 10g. While in roasted hazelnuts and hazelnut oil, the calorie amounts are different. Calorie count of hot and dried fruit nuts most commonly found and grown in the mountain sprouts of Iran. One of the most important benefits is that it strengthens sexual power.

In addition, eating hazelnuts between meals is very strong for the stomach and intestines. Calories for every 1 hazelnut 10 kcal energy Walking which is equivalent to 3 minutes 32 seconds to burn the energy of this food. 100g of hazelnut kernels calories 630 kcal energy 30 Calories for 1 hazelnut 10 kcal energy Walking to burn energy This meal which is equivalent to 3 minutes 32 seconds Calories for. With the table below, you can calculate the calories of foods by weight. best hazelnuts and other dried fruits that have established agencies in different cities of our country. Hazelnuts can be bought and consumed in various forms in these agencies.

specifications of good hazelnuts

specifications of good hazelnuts To buy first class and quality hazelnut kernels, it is sufficient to personally visit the main distribution center of this product in the market. You can eat hazelnuts raw and salty. In addition to providing vitamins, hazelnut is also effective for skin rejuvenation, skin and hair strengthening. The best time to buy fresh hazelnuts is autumn. This is because hazelnuts arrive in most regions in the fall and are marketed by locals. Therefore, the best time to buy fresh hazelnuts is autumn. Fresh hazelnuts are available in the market in two forms. One with green skin, the other without green skin.

Green-shelled hazelnuts are fresher than unshelled ones and are not yet completely dried and are heavier than dried hazelnuts. Other hazelnut models are green without shell. In this model, the hazelnut has a wooden shell. This type of hazelnut is dried and lighter than the shelled type. What dishes are made with hazelnuts? There are many hazelnut products on the market. Hazelnut paste, hazelnut chocolate, hazelnut cake and other products are among the favorite foods. You can buy these foods at home by buying fresh nuts. A good nut is one that is called heavy and thick.

For example, if you put two hazelnuts of the same size side by side, you will get the heavier nut better. Another beautiful thing about hazelnut is that it smiles. Nuts, like pistachios, the better the better. The price of hazelnut varies according to the type. It is true that hazelnuts are also grown in Iran, but there are many imported hazelnuts in the market. Imported hazelnuts have higher prices due to exchange rate fluctuations. Most hazelnuts have an export market, you pay less if you buy them directly from the gardener. The purchase price hazelnuts 1 kg from stores that buy and sell hazelnuts directly from gardeners is very reasonable.

hazelnut export

hazelnut export The best hazelnut producer is Iran. Hazelnuts are exported to candidate countries in bulk and raw. Hazelnut is one of the agricultural products that has increased in export in Iran in recent years. Iranian nuts, like other nuts and dried fruits, are exported in large quantities each year to various countries such as Spain, Bahrain, France and Greece. Statistics show that hazelnuts were the biggest export after pistachio and almond last year. While exporting hazelnuts 500g to the world market, arrangements have been made for various packages. Large and small packages in different quantities of hazelnuts that make it possible to store it with better quality. Hazelnuts are available in raw and roasted form.

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